I think being a director for music videos would be such a fun job.  Every time I hear a song I can't help but to think of a video to go with it, or at least a concept for the video.  That's why I have this page.  I don't have the software to make videos that you can actually see, so I'll just provide a script and a midi and you can imagine it for youself.  I hope someday I will get some kind of program that will let me do that, but for now just the scripts are all I have.
Human Beings: the first video I ever wrote, for my fanfiction The Astral Senshi, and the song is Human Beings by Seal.  It's an okay video, I suppose, but I need to edit it a little for the rewrite of Astros.

Blue: yep, it's blue, da ba dee da ba di...this is also for Astral Senshi, and it's the "alternative" opening theme.  It wouldn't be animated, though, it'd be live action, and it's set in Dublin, where Astros is set.

Fly Away: This is for Pokemon Conclave, and it's the ending sequence so it's not as exciting as an opening sequence would be.  It's basically people flying around on Pokemon.  Yeah.  Great concept, huh?

Get Wild: My only-partially-finished Pokemon Conclave opening sequence, to the tune of Get Wild from City Hunter.  Although since choosing this song I've found some other songs that would go better with the series than this one and Fly Away, so for the Jolt League season I'll be picking another op. and ed.

In The Air Tonight: This is one of those times I really wish I had a program to make real videos.  This is an Adolescence Mokushiroku video, and I could probably get the footage for this too, but nooooo.

Desert Rose: Another live-action video, for Sting's Desert Rose.  I was a little disappointed with the video of this, because I thought they should show less of Sting traveling through the desert and more of the actual girl he was singing about.